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    Pet Food Breakdown — #rawcatfood #rawfedcat #wetfood #cannedfood #catfood #priceroundup

    HPS Price Round-Up: Price of Wet vs Raw

    HPS Price Round-Up: Price of Wet vs Raw

    Here is another HPS Price Round-Up!


    Today we will be looking at the price of feeding canned food versus the price of feeding raw food to cats! As many cat owners know, feeding a moisture-rich diet is optimal for feline health. Moisture-rich diets often avoid extremely common health issues in felines such as UTIs, bladder stones, kidney or liver failure, obesity, and many many others. Now choosing which is best is certainly a little more personal. Some cats don't take to raw food after years of feeding kibble or wet food. Raw food can be a little daunting as far as prep and cleanliness for some folks as well. If pet parents can overlook these hurdles, raw food is and always will be the best of the best that you can feed your pets. Not only is it providing optimal moisture, but also avoiding fillers or binders that often lend to the many health issues we stated previously. On top of all of that raw diets also provides full nutrient absorption, a truly minimal and unprocessed diet, and superior nutrition in the way of meat and not vegetable product. 

    Our comparisons are looking at the most popular canned lines, most of which are priced universally for most brands. This will be a comparison with a ten-pound cat. Feedings will either be ounces per pound or ounces per 5 pounds, either way, the portions are accounted for and evened out. For the raw foods, we will be estimating patties per bag and calculated based on patties per pound feeding.

    Canned Food Pricing

    Brand Ounces per Day Price of Can Ounces of Can Cost per day Cost per month
    Taste of the Wild 9.63 1.29 5.5 2.26 67.73
    Kasiks 5.50 1.99 5.5 2.49 74.63
    Cats in the Kitchen 1.00 1.59 5.5 2.89 86.73
    Weruva Classic 1.00 1.99 5.5 3.62 108.55
    Wellness Classic 8.25 2.29 5.5 4.29 128.81
    Ziwi Peak 6.5 3.69 5.5 4.96 148.67
    Wellness Core 8.25 2.89 5.5 5.42 162.56
    Earthborn 8.25 1.69 5.5 5.63 169.00

    Let's take a look at pricing on some of our most popular canned foods. The pricing here tends to be a little more straightforward than it was on kibble since there is just less variability in ingredients and nutrient densities. Price is more or less correlated with the cost of feeding any particular can. As with the kibble calculator, we shouldn't be viewing the cost of feeding any individual food as an indication of the quality of that food. Here we see one of our cheapest 5.5 oz cans, Taste of the Wild, priced the lowest of the lot. Towards the end we see one of our highest quality wet foods, Ziwi Peak, actually being less costly than some of the more popular brands Wellness Core and Earthborn. The difference between the two is considerable, with almost a $14 difference per month.

    Raw Food Pricing


    Brand Patties per day Price of Bag Patties per bag Cost per day Cost per month
    Primal Chicken & Salmon 4 18.99 48 1.58 47.48
    VE Chicken 2 13.99 14 1.67 49.96
    Primal Turkey 4 19.99 48 1.67 49.98
    VE Turkey 2 14.29 14 1.70 51.04
    Smallbatch Chicken 6 21.99 48 1.83 54.98
    Smallbatch Turkey 6 23.99 48 2.00 59.98

    Comparing raw foods is very similar to canned, in that the prices per feeding more or less follow the price per bag. Here we are using daily feedings of a 10 lb cat with the approximate patties per bag. We also simplified the chart by including only Chicken and Turkey formulas from our brands, since these are found in each and also happen to be the more popular recipes. Some brands will have 1 oz patties, while others have 1/2 oz patties. This is important since the feeding portions aren't a good comparison point. The cost per feeding across the board is fairly similar, being within 50 cents of each other. Primal tends to be the cheapest brand to feed, regardless of protein. While Smallbatch tends to be the more expensive regardless of protein.

    The interesting thing is when we compare raw food to canned food. The average cost of daily feedings for canned food was $3.54 with a fairly wide variation in price and cost per feeding, averaging per month at $106.10. Whereas raw food averaged at $1.98 a day and $59.41 a month. Even our most expensive compared raw food, Vital Essential Rabbit, is priced at $78.53 a month. Comparing that to the wet foods, it still falls within the top 5 cheapest canned. 

    The takeaway here once again is that feeding quality food to our pets is not as expensive as it seems. Canned food seems affordable because a single can cost anywhere from $1 - $4, whereas raw food seems pricey because of the small bags and how long those bags last you. In reality, raw food is far cheaper to feed than wet food and that difference is even greater when looking at dog canned food. 

    Have you ever considered trying raw food for your cat or dog? If not, maybe this can help you dip your paws in. Not only are you getting greater palatability, but greater nutrition as well! As always, thank you for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by or call in. We love talking about pet foods and helping pet parents get the best for their pets.