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Introducing Carna4!

  Humboldt Pet Supply has recently brought in a new, exciting dog and cat food called Carna4. Another great quality food coming from Canada, Carna4 was created as an alternative for people who didn’t quite have the time to feed their furry companions a raw based diet all the time. Carna4 is a highly-digestible tasty kibble, consisting of human grade ingredients, zero synthetics, and loaded with the always important probiotics and digestive enzymes.   Carna4 is completely different from all other animal foods on the market because it does not utilize any synthetic vitamins or minerals. Most people know nutrients are more effective when they come from whole foods, so to make sure dogs and cats are the getting the...

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Care for the Earth and for Your Pet

We're blessed to live on a beautiful planet, full of glorious landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Unfortunately, the Earth suffers a great deal from humanity's presence. Often it feels like our individual actions have little impact in the grand scheme of things, but if all of us make small changes in our lifestyle, we can make a huge difference together. These subtle changes are not only beneficial for the health of the planet, they benefit your and your furry family's health. By supporting companies that are committed to being environmentally conscious and sustainable, you're helping change the way industry interacts with the planet. By educating yourself and others to common harmful behavior and products, and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly, you're supporting...

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