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    Summer Marsh Cleanup!

    Summer Marsh Cleanup!
    Saturday June 22nd, we’re hitting the marsh again and inviting the entire community to come out and help us clean up left-behind waste that greatly impacts the marsh ecosystem. Not only is the trash and pet waste detrimental to humans' enjoyment of the marsh, but it also affects the local wildlife that is sensitive to the waste.

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    A Holistic Approach to Fleas and Ticks


    Treating Your Home with Diatomaceous Earth.

    • Before applying the diatomaceous earth (DE) to your living space, make sure to do a quick run around your house with the vacuum in order to agitate the fleas. This will get them moving and more likely to encounter the DE.
    • Apply the DE liberally to carpet, couches, bedding, cat trees and any other area your pet spends time. Make sure to get some into the darks small spaces that fleas tend to hide in, such as under the couch and between cushions.
    • Let the DE sit for 2-8 hours and then vacuum up.
    • Repeat process every two weeks until fleas are no longer present.


    Anti-Flea and Tick Solution

    This concoction can be used both as a rinse, dip, or spray:

    • Rinse into your pet’s fur.
    • Dip a handkerchief or other piece of cloth and fasten to your pet.
    • Pour in spray bottle and take spritz your pet. Make sure to avoid eyes and nose.

    You will need:

    1 x lemon

    1 x orange

    1 x pot

    1 x strainer



    1. Slice up your orange and lemon into rounds.
    2. Drop rounds into pot of water.
    3. Bring water to boil and let simmer.
    4. After 5-10 minutes (once you can smell the citrus aroma), turn heat off and let cool to room temperature.
    5. Strain out the lemon and orange rounds.
    6. Ready to use!

    Exercising Your Cat

    Exercising Your Cat
    Here at Humboldt Pet Supply we know how important a cat’s weight is to maintaining overall health and, on the flip side, we also know it’s also not the easiest thing to keep in check. Before you know it, your pretty kitty is a little too fluffy and in need of some weight loss. Of course, diet is most important when it comes to weight maintenance for animals, but exercise goes a long way in keep your cute kitty looking trim and healthy. So, here we have a list of ways you can get that chubby pet moving.

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