Dog-Friendly Humboldt Hikes

Humboldt County is full of fabulous places for you to explore and play with your best friend! Do you know all of the local spots for you and Spot? 

Many beaches around Humboldt allow dogs off lead, as long as they're within voice command distance. Try out these sandy sites:

Big Lagoon
Clam Beach
Mad River County Park
Moonstone Beach
Samoa Dunes Recreation Area
Gold Bluffs Beach (Leash Only)
Little River (Leash Only)
Trinidad State Beach (Leash Only)


Redwood forests are delicate ecosystems that can easily be damaged by careless hikers and their carefree dogs. However, some areas have hardier trails that allow leashed dogs to hike side by side with their owners and explore the beautiful forest together! Try:

Arcata Community Forest
Eureka Sequoia Park
Fortuna Rohner Park
Patrick’s Point
Six Rivers National Forest

Visit our store for a map of all the places to take your dog in the county!