Informational Spotlight: FirstMate

In preparation for our upcoming Meet & Greet event, we’re doing a spotlight on our upcoming guest: FirstMate.

FirstMate pet food is a Canadian company based out of British Columbia. Founded in 1989 by commercial fisherman Michael Florian, he witnessed the realities of population depletion from over-fishing on a daily basis, and decided to be part of a solution. In response, Florian became involved in aquaculture and began manufacturing fish feed for farms in British Columbia. During this early period in the company, many of the farmers Florian supplied with fish food used guard dogs to protect their farms from predators – both human and animal. The farmers, however, discovered their guard dogs were helping themselves to the highly nutritious, protein packed fish. Florian’s team was asked to create a high quality dog kibble to keep the furry protectors satisfied and away from the fish, so with the help of nutritionists FirstMate was born and the rest is history.

FirstMate’s original production facility was located in the interior of British Columbia, but evolved into a large, modern facility outside of Vancouver. The company owns its own manufacturing plant, where they continue to produce fish feed, as well as a human grade canning facility – both rare in the pet food industry.

FirstMate is known for their high quality, limited ingredient dry and wet foods. Their dry formulas come in three tasty flavors: Pacific Ocean fish, lamb, or chicken. All chicken is free-run Canadian chicken, the fish is wild caught, and the lamb is free range, grass-fed Australian lamb raised without hormones or antibiotics. All dry formulas are single source based proteins, are pea and lentil free, and all have added glucosamine for hip and joint health, as well as yeast which is a natural source of prebiotics. Both cat and dog dry food contain chicken fat, which is a high-quality fat source that delivers essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. For those pet owners with dogs or cats with chicken allergies you’ll be happy to find that FirstMate uses chicken fat that is free from chicken protein, which means their food, though it contains chicken, will not exacerbate or trigger an allergic reaction.

All FirstMate cans are BPA and Epoxy free, and use foil laminates which can be recycled. All can formulas are gum, like guar, xanthan, and locust bean, and thickener, such as carrageenan, free. They contain only single source proteins, and are always grain and gluten free.

We have a wide selection of product from FirstMate here at Humboldt Pet Supply, and are always happy to talk about which formula would be best for you and your pet. Whether you’re trying to get your pet to lose weight, you have a senior dog that’s not quite as active, or you’re simply interested in trying out a new food for your cat or dog, FirstMate will have something for you.