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Humboldt Pet Supply has recently brought in a new, exciting dog and cat food called Carna4. Another great quality food coming from Canada, Carna4 was created as an alternative for people who didn’t quite have the time to feed their furry companions a raw based diet all the time. Carna4 is a highly-digestible tasty kibble, consisting of human grade ingredients, zero synthetics, and loaded with the always important probiotics and digestive enzymes.  

Carna4 is completely different from all other animal foods on the market because it does not utilize any synthetic vitamins or minerals. Most people know nutrients are more effective when they come from whole foods, so to make sure dogs and cats are the getting the best nutrients they can from food, Carna4 uses sprouted seeds in lieu of the more common synthetic vitamin and mineral packs. Before sprouting, seeds and legumes have a protective coat designed to keep all of the plant’s nutrients intact. That protective coat of ungerminated, or unsprouted, seeds is hard to digest, but this is often the part dogs and cats consume while eating conventional kibble. Seeds shed this protective shell when they grow to full term, and they become far easier to digest and process.  The complete germination of seeds also allows for the activation of enzymes which make them easier to digest, as well as provide vitamins, minerals, and neutralize anti-nutrients. Anti-nutrients are substances that stop sufficient nutrient absorption when consumed, and can only be decreased through germination.

The use of sprouted seeds also helps boost antioxidants, which we all know are free radical fighting machines, upwards of 9,600%. That’s a lot of antioxidant power! Germinated seeds are great for dogs and cats with sensitive stomachs. The activated enzymes in sprouted seeds help alleviate stress on the pancreas, which helps reduce intestinal gas and improve overall digestion. Carna4 kibble also has much lower glycemic and gluten levels than most conventional kibbles, because a large portion of seed’s carbohydrate loads are used up during germination. This makes Carna4 an excellent option for dogs or cats with blood sugar levels or diabetes.

Unlike most pet foods companies, Carna4 oven bakes its food instead of using the more common method of extrusion. Extrusion is the process of using high heat and high pressure to incinerate proteins into a mass that can then be pressed through a machine and molded into any shape a company wants. The exposure to high heats effectively destroys most of the nutrients, which means after extrusion companies must add synthetic vitamins and minerals to make their kibbles nutritionally balanced. Carna4, on the other hand, bakes its food at a maximum of 195 degrees; it’s a hot enough temperature to eliminate pathogens, like salmonella, but it’s low enough to keep all nutrients intact. The low baking and drying temperature make sure the naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes aren’t destroyed either, which means Carna4 does not need to include synthetic materials, artificial flavors, or fats.

If you’re not interested in switching up your dog or cat's diet, Carna4 makes a great food topper called Flora4. Flora4 consists of organic sprouted barley flax seed, and green and red lentils. It’s a great addition to raw, home-cooked, or commercial foods to boost the nutritional content, because it adds live probiotics, plant enzymes, phytonutrients and whole vitamins and minerals. It’s an excellent way to help cats and dogs who might be having stomach or intestinal upset; it’s great for use during and after antibiotics to aid in rebuilding good gut bacteria; and it’s great for use when transitioning to a new food.

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