Keeping Smiles Bright

Keep your pets’ teeth as sparkling as a white Christmas morning with these tips for good oral health: 

• Reduce consumption of starchy foods that have a high percentage of carbohydrates, like commercial kibble. It is a common misconception that kibble cleans teeth.

• Provide plenty of fresh water for your pet. An enzyme additive, like Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover  or Ark Naturals Breathless Plaque Zapper, can help dissolve existing plaque.

• Raw food contains natural enzymes which help fight harmful bacteria and dissolve plaque. Even just an occasional raw meal or treat (try Rover’s Choice raw meaty bones from our freezer or Orijen Raw Treats) can benefit your pet’s teeth. 

• Regular brushing is an excellent way to ensure a healthy mouth, but many pets can find the process unpleasant. If you have a puppy or kitten, start now!! If your pet is an adult, be patient! Start by slowly letting your pet become accustomed to you touching their mouth. Use a pet safe toothpaste like Kissable Vanilla & Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste and a Kissable Finger Toothbrush. Be sure to reward your pet after every brushing attempt! 

• Try an Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste chew for pups that won’t tolerate brushing! 

A healthy mouth is a healthy pet! Bad oral hygiene can lead to more than just bad breath and lost teeth- bad mouth bacteria can end up affecting your pet’s heart, kidneys, or liver. Give your pet good health by starting with a healthy mouth!