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    Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Leaky Gut Syndrome

    What is Leaky Gut Syndrom?

    It is essentially acute damage to the intestenal cell wall causing permiability that quite literally allows toxins, bacteria, and food particles to enter the blood stream! Experts suggest that causes may include intestinal infections, abdominal trauma, particular toxins, medication overdosages, and even food sensitivities.

    What can we do to prevent and even solve leaky gut?
    The steps to get here are quite easy, albiet thorough and holistic. First and foremost, avoiding food sensitivities and feeding a biologically appropriate diet can set up the gut to be strong and healthy. With a compromised gut, the transition to a new diet may be a slow process, but one that should be made nonetheless. Diets high in moisture, low in carbs and starches, and high in real meats will greatly benefit gut health and digestion.
    Probiotics can be beneficial in this step to help boost the beneficial bacteria in your pets gut, aiding in food transitions and setting your pets gut up to bounce back faster. Food items high in gelatin, like Bone Broth, can help to "seal" the gut wall and prevent further permiability for a short time. This allows the gut to heal and for symptoms to subside. Any food items or supplements that fight inflimation have been shown to help greatly as well. 
    Avoiding toxins in your pets day to day life can also positively impact their gut. Leaving or minimizing unecessary toxins like flea treatments can keep your pets microbiome stronger. Many medications are necessary and life-saving, but some can be avoided. Always speak with your vet on any decisions to hold of on regular medication. 
    Stress management is just as important to us as it is to our pets! Microbiome imbalances often leave our pets in a heightened stress level, much like ourselves. This can often manifest itself in anxiety and even lead to behavioral issues. This added stress makes it harder for our pets bodies to work efficiently and can supress the immune system all together. Biologically appropriate diet and regualr activity can go a long way in mitigating heightened stress levels in our pets bodies. 
    Have further questions? We are happy to answer any and point you towards the direction of some products that can help. 
    Here are some sources for further research: