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    Adding Freshness to Your Pets Bowl

    Adding Freshness to Your Pets Bowl

    Over 90% of pets worldwide are fed kibble. We are very much seeing a shift towards fresh and raw foods, with these being the fastest growing segment in the pet industry. There will always be those hesitant to use exclusively raw or simply be prohibited from in for one reason or another. 

    This is where fresh or raw toppers come in! Just by replacing a quarter of their kibble with a fresh product can have huge impact on their health, vibrance, and longevity. Fresh or raw fed pets also typically avoid common health conditions like renal failure, skin issues, leaky gut, cancer, etc. Adding boosters makes our pets bowl more colorful, palatable, and extra nutritious. 


    With kibble being devoid of all moisture that our pets would naturally consume in a fresh or raw source, they are missing out on a huge part of their regular diet. Both cats and dogs naturally are biologically expecting to get upwards of 75% of their moisture from their food, meaning that they probably wont be able to make up for that with a few trips to the water bowl. Moisture is a key part to proper digestion, healthy skin, and overall body function. Simply soaking kibble in water 5-10 minutes before feeding can ensure that our pets are eating their moisture instead of being forced to drink it. Items like Bone Broth and Goat's Milk can add beneficial probiotics, anti-inflammatory properties, collagen, and much more! 

    Fresh and Raw Meats

    Fresh and raw meats from either the market or branded toppers like the ones from Primal, Small Batch, Vital Essentials, or Stella & Chewy all add a plethora of benefits. Fresh fish products are chalk full of fresh Omega 3's and 6's. Mackerel is rich in Selenium, Sodium, and Magnesium! Other similar meat items that you could get right from the market would be eggs (raw or cooked without seasoning) and organ meats such as liver or kidney. Pasture Raised and Finshed animals, wild caught or hunted animals will always be incredibly rich in omegas as well as other trace nutrients.

    Fruits, Veggies, and Kelp

    Fruits and Veggies are packed full of phytonutrients, antioxidants,  prebiotics, and much much more! Fruits and Veggies are typcially recommended to be puréed in order to boost digestion and absorption. Popular add-ins are berries, leafy greens, and pumpkin. Kelp and other phytoplankton can be great sources of omegas as well as aiding in anti-inflammation and anti-cancer properties. 

    Magic Mushrooms

    Ok not actually, but edible mushrooms are another great addition to your pets bowl! Dried powdered mushrooms like these from Holistic Hound typically have a blend of medicinal mushrooms with health benefits including immune support, rich in antioxidants, digestive aide, detoxifier, and even helping with seasonal allergies. 

    Feeding our pets can be fun, engaging, enlightening, and educational! At the end of the day, there is no perfect way to do it. Learn with your pets, find out what they really crave, and improve their lives a bowl at a time. 


    For further research on kibble boosters:

    Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Leaky Gut Syndrome

    What is Leaky Gut Syndrom?

    It is essentially acute damage to the intestenal cell wall causing permiability that quite literally allows toxins, bacteria, and food particles to enter the blood stream! Experts suggest that causes may include intestinal infections, abdominal trauma, particular toxins, medication overdosages, and even food sensitivities.

    What can we do to prevent and even solve leaky gut?
    The steps to get here are quite easy, albiet thorough and holistic. First and foremost, avoiding food sensitivities and feeding a biologically appropriate diet can set up the gut to be strong and healthy. With a compromised gut, the transition to a new diet may be a slow process, but one that should be made nonetheless. Diets high in moisture, low in carbs and starches, and high in real meats will greatly benefit gut health and digestion.
    Probiotics can be beneficial in this step to help boost the beneficial bacteria in your pets gut, aiding in food transitions and setting your pets gut up to bounce back faster. Food items high in gelatin, like Bone Broth, can help to "seal" the gut wall and prevent further permiability for a short time. This allows the gut to heal and for symptoms to subside. Any food items or supplements that fight inflimation have been shown to help greatly as well. 
    Avoiding toxins in your pets day to day life can also positively impact their gut. Leaving or minimizing unecessary toxins like flea treatments can keep your pets microbiome stronger. Many medications are necessary and life-saving, but some can be avoided. Always speak with your vet on any decisions to hold of on regular medication. 
    Stress management is just as important to us as it is to our pets! Microbiome imbalances often leave our pets in a heightened stress level, much like ourselves. This can often manifest itself in anxiety and even lead to behavioral issues. This added stress makes it harder for our pets bodies to work efficiently and can supress the immune system all together. Biologically appropriate diet and regualr activity can go a long way in mitigating heightened stress levels in our pets bodies. 
    Have further questions? We are happy to answer any and point you towards the direction of some products that can help. 
    Here are some sources for further research: