The Perfect Pet Bed: No Longer Just a Dream


Just as we love the safety and comfort of our own bed, your pet loves having a cozy place of their own to sleep and relax.

Long naps on hard floors can cause stiff, achy joints.

Sleeping with you in your bed, though comforting, often disturbs both of your sleep cycles.

Couches and pillows often aren’t durable enough, and are rarely easy to clean.

A throwaway bed from a bargain superstore often falls apart in the wash or under the stress of daily use, and is rarely a lovely addition to your decor.

What’s the solution?

Big Shrimpy and Mariposa make beautiful, washable, and durable beds that you and your pet are guaranteed to love!

Mariposa makes luxury faux fur blankets and beds for cats and small dogs.If your pet likes a variety, try a Taza bed- it can be a plush pocket, cup, or mat bed!  How about a plush orb to sink into? Try a Magdalena! Does your kitty like baskets? Fold a Manta blanket into the basket to make a cozy cuddling spot they’ll be sure to love! Our own shopcats love their Manta! 

Big Shrimpy beds are built in defiance of planned obsolescence- every bed is made to last. All beds are made from 57% to 81% recycled materials, and at the end of their long life, can be sent back to the company to be recycled in totality.Since 2002, Big Shrimpy has recycled over 551,000 pounds of polyester fiber waste that would have been sent to landfills. Plus, all bed component pieces can be purchased separately, so if you want to change the color to suit your new decor, you don’t have to buy an entirely new bed!

Big Shrimpy has a variety of styles to suit your pet’s sleeping habits. Does your pup like to stretch out? Get a rectangle-shaped Bogo bed. Do they like curling up with their head resting on a pillow or armrest? Try a cozy Nest or Catalina! Need an outdoor bed for your porch that repels water? Get an Original! All beds have luxurious faux suede covers available in eight vibrant colors.

See them for yourself today at our store and see why we believe in Big Shrimpy!


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