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    Arcata Dog Park Update 07-26-2018

    Arcata Dog Park Update 07-26-2018

    Pam from the Arcata Dog Park has sent out a new update regarding the eagerly-awaited dog park:


    "Woof, woof….so much fun this summer, playing at Hiller Park in McKinleyville, swimming at the beach, walking in the Community Forest, jumping into the river, and just laying around in the shade to cool off from the hot days!"  We hope everyone and their best friends are enjoying themselves.

    We really wanted to touch base even though there’s not much to report on the progress of the Arcata Dog Park. We continue our monthly meetings with Karen Diemer, City Manager. Brett Watson, City Council member, has joined those meetings, as he wanted to advocate for the dog park, too. Council member Paul Pitino continues to be supportive. We are still waiting on the toxicity studies, clean up plans if needed (e.g. where in Little Lakes a clean up may be required, what the level of toxicity is,etc.). Our focus continues to be on Little Lake Property by the Arcata Marsh, and we stay active in caring for this area.

    Humboldt Pet Supply staff and volunteers (which include folks from our working group) have been doing scheduled patrols to pick up dog waste that is left behind on the paths at the marsh. We monitor one of the doggie waste stations at the marsh too. So while there’s not much to do in terms of progress toward beginning construction, we remain active in as many ways as possible so that the Arcata Dog Park remains on the minds of city council members - and we hope on your mind too.

    We know summer is an active time, but if you find yourself with a few extra minutes, it always helps a lot to contact any or all of the city council members (email addresses and phone numbers are on our website). Just one email to all council members won’t take more than a minute. Even saying, “I support the Arcata Dog Park to be located at Little Lake Property” will make a biog difference in the long run when it’s time for decisions to be made by our city. Heck, this could be a monthly email you might send. 

    We continue to receive questions and offers to volunteer from folks who visit the website.  THANK YOU!! A big shout out to those folks and all of you who continue to be a part of our efforts to get a great dog park here in our city. We’ll be in touch again this fall. 


    Stay tuned for more updates on the Arcata Dog Park!

    Another Summer, Another Tick Season

    Another Summer, Another Tick Season
    The experience is all too common: You come home from a good day’s frolic outdoors and just as you’re about to sit down and relax with your pooch, you notice a small bulbous spot on your dog. An olive stuck in the dog’s fur, perhaps? Then you think, “Wait a minute—my dog doesn’t drink martinis!” And that’s when you notice the tiny legs. If you managed not to scream and run away in horror then you probably realized it was a tick, and it is currently feasting on your pet. Summer is the season of the tick, and very new year is projected to have an explosion in tick populations due to climate change. Here’s some info to help you stay vigilant against the tick menace.

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    3 Things To Watch Out For In The Heat

    Summer is in full-swing and we know you're aching to get your pet outdoors to explore Humboldt! Whether you're going on a hike, to the beach, or just strolling around town, here are three things to keep in mind while you and your pet have some fun in the sun.


    Hot Paws

    The temperature of the ground may not be something us footwear-clad humans think about when we step out for a day in the sun, but our pets certainly feel the heat of a summer’s asphalt. Be aware that pets can suffer burns on their paws, so make sure to test any ground they will be walking on by touching for several seconds. Cats and dogs also regulate heat through the bottom of their paws, so hot feet can result in overheating. If you know you will be traversing hot lands, try some protective footwear for your pet.


    Unfortunately, that shiny coat of fur on your pet does not provide enough protection from overexposure to the sun’s rays. Dogs with shorter or light-colored coats are the most susceptible to burns on the body, while all dogs are vulnerable in more sensitive skin areas such as nose, underbelly, and genitals. Luckily, you can avoid getting sunburned by sticking to shady areas and using vet-approved sunscreen.


    Fluid intake is paramount once the heat is on. Your dog’s water levels fluctuate throughout the day, but during the summer, it becomes extra important to make sure they have access to a drinking source. If your dog is panting, it is losing internal moisture to evaporation in exchange for keeping cool. Watch out for signs of dehydration such as excessive panting, loss of skin elasticity, lethargy, dry nose, and sunken eyes. If you’ll be traveling or just out and about, try taking a portable water bowl, so that your dog is never without something to drink.

    Why You Should Never Leave Your Pet In A Hot Car

    Why You Should Never Leave Your Pet In A Hot Car
    As temperatures rise this summer, it is imperative to remember the number one rule of pet safety: NEVER leave your pet inside a hot car. A quick trip inside the grocery store or post office may seem innocuous enough, but temperatures inside a car will skyrocket to dangerous levels within minutes of walking away from your oven-on-wheels. And that’s not hyperbole, car interiors can really get hot enough to cook an egg or even bake a batch of cookies—even with the windows down. It takes only minutes for your comfy air-conditioned car to turn into a death trap.

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    Our Look Into the Champion Petfoods Lawsuit

    Our Look Into the Champion Petfoods Lawsuit
    Since the announcement of the lawsuit, we have been watching the situation closely and have conducted our own research into the issue. In this article, we’d like to take some time to examine the available information and present our personal findings on the matter. We would like to emphasize that the following is our own research and presentation, and is being done so independently from Champion Petfoods. The claims therefore amount to our opinion and should be taken as such. So, with that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at what’s going on.

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