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    Pet Dental Care Tips!

    Pet Dental Care Tips!
    Bad mouth hygiene and dental disease are such major problems that we have an entire awareness month dedicated to them! Dental problems range from bad breath to life-threatening diseases. The best time to get started improving your pet’s dental health was yesterday, but the next best time is today. Here are some tips regarding pet dental health to help you keep your pet’s mouth healthy.

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    Petco To Carry Champion Pet Foods

    Petco To Carry Champion Pet Foods

    On January 17th, 2019 Champion Pet Foods, creators of Orijen and Acana, announced their product will be available for purchase in Petco stores nationwide and Amazon online beginning March 2019. This announcement has come as quite a shock to many people, ourselves included, and because of this, we wanted to make sure we get the facts to our customers.

    First and foremost Champion has guaranteed their formula and quality standards will not change. They will continue to use the regionally, ethically sourced ingredients that have made Orijen and Acana so popular. They will also remain an independently owned company, which means they have total control of their products; how it is cooked and what ingredients go into their foods. These are some of the critical elements that have made Champion Pet Foods a great company.

    Petco will not be offering Champion’s wonderful loyalty program of receiving a free bag of food after purchasing twelve prior bags. That privilege will be held exclusively by independent stores like us that carry Champion products. Petco will be held to the same pricing restrictions as independent retailers - meaning no big discounts for buying at Petco.

       Pricing of Champion products on Amazon will be more expensive than both our prices and Petco’s prices. We were told there will be approximately a seven dollar difference when purchased on Amazon and they will also not be eligible for the loyalty program.

       We understand that this announcement may upset people, and many may not want to continue purchasing Champion products. If that is the case, we have many different foods that hit that same points at Champion, i.e., ethically and regionally sourced products, limited ingredients, and privately owned manufacturing facilities. If you are interested in switching foods any one of our knowledgeable staff is more than capable of walking you through our food selections.

    If you feel like you need more information, or have any questions, regarding Champion Pet Food products at Petco and on Amazon, in February our amazingly wonderful Champion representative Chanda will be at Humboldt Pet Supply to answer those questions. Please follow us Facebook and/or be part of our mailing list to receive the exact date of her visit. In the meantime feel free to stop by the store and we will more than happy to answer your questions to the best of our abilities.

    Halloween Safety Tips

    Halloween Safety Tips

    Halloween can be a stressful time for pets. While the holiday may mean trick or treating and Halloween parties for us humans, the frightening elements at these festivities may be too much for our animals. Here are a few tips for keeping your pet safe and comfortable during the haunted holiday.

    1. Pets are sensitive to changes in environment and routine. Having random people arrive at your front door throughout the evening can be unexpected and stressful for pets. Make sure they are in a comfortable place in the house and distracted from the ongoings outside to keep them safe and reduce their stress. Secure all access to the outdoors in case your pet attempts to run outside.
    2. Create a safe space. Does your cat have a box or nook they like to hide in? Does your dog like to be close to you when they are scared? Having their comfort zones readily available will allow them a quick getaway if they are disturbed throughout the night. If your pet is erratic and unable to calm down, consider crating them so they are in a more confined space.
    3. Calming treats are a great way to relax and distract your pet from all of the activity taking place outdoors. You can also try having a rigorous play session before the night starts so that your pet is tired and ready for a peaceful nap.
    4. Make it a quiet night. If you are participating in giving out treats and know your pet is triggered by knocking or the doorbell, consider leaving a self-serve bowl outside and a note asking trick or treaters to not disturb your pet. Depending on your animal, you might want to forgo the candy-giving all together.
    5. If you are taking your pet out with you, keep them close and secure. As humans, we understand the nature of Halloween, but for our pets, things may seem really out of the ordinary. Even if your dog is normally fine around strangers, they may react differently to people in costumes.
    6. Be aware of your surroundings. Halloween decorations that move, flash or emit loud noises may frighten or aggravate your pet. If you know of a yard or building that will contain a lot of commotion, it may be best to try a different route and avoid that particular area.
    7. Be visible. There’s a lot going on outside on Halloween and trick or treating tends to happen after dark. People may be looking out for kids in costumes, but small pets or pets with dark coats may be harder to see. Having your pet wear some sort of light on their collar will make them more visible to people driving by as well as easier to find if your pet happens to get loose. 
    8. Don’t give them candy! Pets should not be given any candy. It’s no surprise that most candy given out on Halloween has incredibly high sugar content, but it can also contain other ingredients that are toxic to pets. Not only is candy itself dangerous, but the encapsulating wrappers also pose a choking risk and intestinal hazard. Examine the area your pet will be in and make sure there is no candy accidentally left on the ground.
    9. Watch out for other consumable hazards. In addition to candy that may be lying around, it is also important to keep an eye out for decorations or other Halloween paraphernalia that may be within your pet’s reach, such as costume props and accessories like glow sticks. 
    10. Be mindful with pet costumes. There is nothing cuter than seeing our pets dressed up, but consider their comfort. If your animal is not used to wearing outfits, a new costume might be a bit uncomfortable and only add to any stress they may already have.