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    Ranger of the Month

    April 2018 - Flynn

    Flynn - Ranger of the Month April 2018
    Five years old.

    Favorite toy:
    He is obsessed with his Chuckit! ball.

    Favorite treats:
    Peanut butter.

    Favorite activities:
    Going to the beach and chasing after
    his Chuckit! ball until he is utterly

    Favorite things:
    Sprawling on his owner’s bed and not
    letting his brother Leo get up there.

    Amazing fact:
    His tongue is long enough to completely
    clean out an empty peanut
    butter jar.

    March 2018 - Daphne

    About a year and a half.

    Favorite toy:
    A soft piece of cloth.

    Favorite treats:
    Homemade dog biscuits.

    Favorite activities:
    Long walks and
    playing with other dogs.

    Favorite things:
    Birds and sticks.

    Amazing fact:
    Daphne was first found with an enormous head wound (probably from a mountain lion or bear) and a horrible flea infestation. Despite her serious wound, it was immediately obvious that she was a sweet girl and wanted to play. She was cleaned up and taken to the vet, where she spent three days with many stitches and a drain in her head. As you can see, she healed up nicely and has turned out to be a stellar dog.


    February 2018 - Luna

    Age: Two years old on February 22!

    Favorite Toy:
    Chuckit! Glow-in-the-dark whistle ball.

    Favorite Treats:
    Holistic Hound CBD treats, Honest Kitchen probiotic milk and avocado.

    Favorite Activities:
    Running, playing ball, swimming, hiking and roughhousing with her best friend Sophie.

    Favorite Things:
    Cuddling and playing.

    Amazing Fact:
    Spent 4 months at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota (2016-2017) with 150 other dogs. She is a true revolutionary on the front lines barking! for clean water and human rights.

    January 2018 - Hachi

    Age: Seventeen months

    Favorite toy: New squeaky toy from BarkBox each month

    Favorite treats: Tucker’s Bison bones

    Favorite activities: Meeting up with new and old fur buddies anywhere, anytime!

    Favorite things: Going to new outdoor places! He’s an awesome explorer!
    In the first year of his life, he has already been to five different states and understands commands in two languages!

    December 2017 - Melissa

    Melissa is 10 years old. She was found abandoned in Eureka and adopted from the Mckinleyville animal shelter on Christmas. She is sweet, funny and very smart. Her favorite activities are hanging out with her owners, sun-bathing on the deck, walking and swimming, and meeting other people and dogs. She loves couch pillows, being on the bed, and her leash. She also has amazing hearing–she knows when her owner turns into their street and waits by the door to greet her. She is the most loving dog they have ever had the great pleasure to adopt and love.