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    Ranger of the Month

    May 2018 - Moose

    Ranger of the Month for May 2018 - Moose A Small Brown Dog

    8 years old.

    Favorite Toy: 
    Loves to run around the living room with his stuffed beaver squeaky toy in his mouth when his people come home.

    Favorite Treats: Rover’s Choice beef spleen jerky.

    Favorite Activities: 
    Going to the dog park and walking down the street to Riptide Coffee to see his favorite baristas and get his treat.

    Favorite Things: 
    Laying in front of the heater, sprawling out on the grass in a patch of sunlight and getting all the pets.

    Amazing Fact: 
    He can stand on his hind legs for up to 30 seconds while waiting to be given a treat!

    April 2018 - Flynn

    Flynn - Ranger of the Month April 2018
    Five years old.

    Favorite toy:
    He is obsessed with his Chuckit! ball.

    Favorite treats:
    Peanut butter.

    Favorite activities:
    Going to the beach and chasing after
    his Chuckit! ball until he is utterly

    Favorite things:
    Sprawling on his owner’s bed and not
    letting his brother Leo get up there.

    Amazing fact:
    His tongue is long enough to completely
    clean out an empty peanut
    butter jar.

    March 2018 - Daphne

    About a year and a half.

    Favorite toy:
    A soft piece of cloth.

    Favorite treats:
    Homemade dog biscuits.

    Favorite activities:
    Long walks and
    playing with other dogs.

    Favorite things:
    Birds and sticks.

    Amazing fact:
    Daphne was first found with an enormous head wound (probably from a mountain lion or bear) and a horrible flea infestation. Despite her serious wound, it was immediately obvious that she was a sweet girl and wanted to play. She was cleaned up and taken to the vet, where she spent three days with many stitches and a drain in her head. As you can see, she healed up nicely and has turned out to be a stellar dog.


    February 2018 - Luna

    Age: Two years old on February 22!

    Favorite Toy:
    Chuckit! Glow-in-the-dark whistle ball.

    Favorite Treats:
    Holistic Hound CBD treats, Honest Kitchen probiotic milk and avocado.

    Favorite Activities:
    Running, playing ball, swimming, hiking and roughhousing with her best friend Sophie.

    Favorite Things:
    Cuddling and playing.

    Amazing Fact:
    Spent 4 months at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota (2016-2017) with 150 other dogs. She is a true revolutionary on the front lines barking! for clean water and human rights.

    January 2018 - Hachi

    Age: Seventeen months

    Favorite toy: New squeaky toy from BarkBox each month

    Favorite treats: Tucker’s Bison bones

    Favorite activities: Meeting up with new and old fur buddies anywhere, anytime!

    Favorite things: Going to new outdoor places! He’s an awesome explorer!
    In the first year of his life, he has already been to five different states and understands commands in two languages!