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    Ranger of the Month

    December 2017 - Melissa

    Melissa is 10 years old. She was found abandoned in Eureka and adopted from the Mckinleyville animal shelter on Christmas. She is sweet, funny and very smart. Her favorite activities are hanging out with her owners, sun-bathing on the deck, walking and swimming, and meeting other people and dogs. She loves couch pillows, being on the bed, and her leash. She also has amazing hearing–she knows when her owner turns into their street and waits by the door to greet her. She is the most loving dog they have ever had the great pleasure to adopt and love.


    November 2017 - Charlie

    12 years young!

     He loves going for walks, riding in cars, wearing cute little outfits and sleeping in til noon on his bed.

    Favorite Toy: 
    Loves his monkey toy because he can still pick it up without having teeth.

    Free Treat: 
    Buddy Biscuits.

    Amazing Fact: 
    Has no teeth, so his little tongue just hangs out.

    October 2017 - Dottie

    2 years young!

    Going to the beach as often as she can.

    Favorite Toy: 
    Anything she can play fetch with.

    Free Treat: 
    Loves all treats and any food you have to offer.

    Amazing Fact: 
    Likes to watch television and has memorized 30 commercials. She will run into the room to watch whenever one of her favorite ads comes on.

    September 2017 - Bailey

    Age: Two years young!

    Likes: Traveling to places where she can swim in rivers, play in the snow, and roll in the grass.

    Favorite Toy: Chuckit! Squeaker Ball, Tuffy lizard, and West Paw Zogoflex Air Wox toy.

    Favorite Treat: Life Essentials freeze-dried salmon treats and Rover’s Choice bones.

    Amazing Fact: In her just two years of life, she’s travelled to five states. She’s known for her brindle coat and wiggly butt

    August 2017 - Kayla McGee

    Raised from birth as a fighting dog, Kayla was abandoned by her original owner when she contracted parvo and was left for dead at the Cutten Animal Health Center. Luckily, Kayla was able to be rehabilitated and put into foster care. An ad was taken out in the local newspaper where her current owners would find her. It was love at first sight upon meeting her, and she was brought home for the next twelve years. Now thirteen, Kayla has lived a happy life with her family and best boy Tallon.

    Armed with an adorable pitbull smile, it is easy to tell when she is happy. She is also quite the prankster and will hide behind bushes and lunge at unsuspecting friends.

    Still a fighter, Kayla beat two cancerous growths in both her legs.

    Favorite toy: Jolly Pet's Teaser Ball

    Loves: Cod skins and No-Hide chews.