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    HUMBOLDT PET SUPPLY recognizes the beauty and fragility of our planet. We are doing our best to tread lightly in every aspect of our company. This philosophy is intrinsic to our lifestyle. We strive to recognize EVERY impact we make in our energy use, conservation, packaging, purchasing, and shipping.

    ENERGY USE in our building is reduced by utilizing passive solar technology as well as having the most up to date energy-efficient lighting, temperature control, and equipment. We are looking forward to being able to substantially further reduce our carbon footprint with the installation of our newly approved solar power system! 

    CONSERVATION of paper is handled by using recycled paper printed on both sides and shredding used paper for package filler for shipments. Any paper we cannot reuse is recycled and used for a green building program in our community. Newsprint, plastic, plastic shipping bags, print publications and cardboard are all recycled. We are fortunate to have a local agency that employs people with disabilities to take our older shredded catalogs and marketing materials to reuse.

    PURCHASING our products from manufacturers that use a holistic approach to the health of our furry friends as well as to our planet is our goal. Bamboo, hemp, natural, and organic are our foundation. We continue to discover an array of fabulous local and nationwide manufacturers committed to providing safe and environmentally conscious products, and we're proud to provide our community with alternatives to conventional pet products. 

    PACKAGING materials are a mix of biodegradable, recycled and natural fibers that we hope are also pleasing to the eye.

    OFFICE SUPPLIES used in our facility are all recycled products, from printer cartridges to toilet paper.




    Humboldt Pet Supply is located in the quaint town of Arcata, California, amongst the mighty Redwoods, the wild and scenic rivers of the Trinity, Smith and Klamath, and with the stunning backdrop of our rugged coastline. We are situated on the northern California Coast about 200 miles north of San Francisco.

    Humboldt Pet Supply takes pride in being part of our community. Arcata is a small college town that is home to Humboldt State University and the largest community forest in the country. The City of Arcata is also proud to be an international model for its Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary where treated wastewater has been successfully turned into 307 acres of extraordinarily beautiful freshwater marshes and several miles of biking and walking trails, making it a world renowned bird watching destination. (Of course, we at Humboldt Pet Supply have the good fortune to be able to exercise our dogs as well as ourselves in both of these remarkable places by just walking out our front door!) This innovative and progressive spirit so beautifully demonstrated by the City of Arcata is a prevailing attitude that can be witnessed throughout the entire county.

    For decades Humboldt County has drawn people with an innovative, holistic way of life and culture which has cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit. Many businesses have originated from humble garages and sheds to become wildly successful. Humboldt is also rich in organic produce, organic dairies, grass-fed beef, organic poultry and organic wines and beers, which support a thriving Farmers Market.  Many of these businesses are well established, family owned and operated.

    Humboldt Pet Supply is a family run business. We intend to remain consistent with the values we support and to further a tradition of quality, community and kindness to our furry friends, to each other and to the planet.