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    Why Should I Get Photo Portraits Of My Pet?


    Our pets are our family! We want to remember our time shared with them, whether we’re looking back at puppy and kitten photos of our now-grown or remembering the lives of those no longer with us. Pets enrich our lives and having photos of them immortalizes their place in our personal histories.


    They grow up so fast: If you have a new puppy or kitten, you only have a short time before they grow out of the cutest stage of their life into full-fledged adults. Once our pets are seniors, they begin to experience the common troubles that come with age, such as trouble seeing, hearing, and walking. Would we want to remember our pets this way? Sometimes the unexpected occurs and we miss out on even getting a portrait to remember our loved ones by.


    Regardless of life stage, having high quality photos of our pets is a treasure that lets them live on in our lives.


    Can’t I Just Take My Own Pet Photos?

    With the continuing advancement of camera and smartphone technology, photos of pets have never been more accessible, but regardless of how advanced these devices get, candid photos will never come close to photo quality produced by a skilled photographer with professional gear and lighting. Smartphone photos tend to age poorly with time as they are continuously outclassed by the next upgrade in camera technology. To see an example, try looking back at photos from an old phone taken just a few phone generations back. Those photos were most likely considered high quality at the time, but now look bad when compared to new phones of today. Photos taken with professional camera equipment and lighting stand the test of time as they are designed to, unlike phone cameras that are designed to last just long enough until the next model upgrade.

    How Portrait Sessions Work:

    Once you contact us for booking, you will receive our pet portrait guidelines that will help you best prepare for your pet’s photo session. Our photographer will contact you to schedule an appointment time and go over the details of the photo session, including what style of photography you would prefer and preparation options.


    Photo sessions last 30 minutes and produce between 5 to 8 photos.



    Package A:



    • Package A - Social Media Package - $64.99
      • Receive 5 - 8 digital photos ready for sharing on the web
      • Additional prints can be purchased individually:
        • 4x6 - $1.39
        • 5x7 - $2.19
        • 8x12 - 4.59

    • Package B - Print Package - 76.99
      • Receive 5 - 8 digital photos ready for sharing on the web
      • Receive 5 prints of your choice (any size and photo combination)

    • Package C - High Resolution Digital Photo Package - $92.99
      • Receive 5 - 8 High Resolution photos able to be printed whenever you want. These photos can be shared on social media but also retain the detail needed for high quality prints.
      • Discounted rates on prints:
        • 4x6 - $0.69
        • 5x7 - $1.09
        • 8x12 - $2.29