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    Celebrate Your Pet!

    Our pets are our family! We want to remember all the great times we share with them, whether we’re looking back at our absolutely adorable puppy or kitten, or photos of our now-grown friends who we’ve shared thousands of adventures with. Pets enrich our lives and having photos of them immortalizes their place in our personal histories as we continue to make new memories with them.

    Now you can commemorate your pet with professionally captured images of your pet with amazing professional lighting. Your pet will look their best and you’ll love seeing them in a whole new light!


    How Portrait Sessions Work

    Click the link below to fill out an appointment form. Once you've submitted the form, our photographer will contact you to schedule an appointment time and go over the details of the photo session, including what style of photography you would prefer and preparation options. You will receive our pet portrait guidelines that will help you best prepare for your pet’s photo session. 

    Photo sessions are 30 minutes and produce between 5 to 8 photos depending on pet cooperation.





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